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Cooperative Learning

Updated: May 16, 2023

Cooperative learning is a commonly used teaching strategy in the classroom that enables students to work together in different activities and achieve the targeted learning goal.

group work

Here I designed a course to teach the core concepts of cooperative learning to 22 adult students at the University of San Francisco.

In this class, I designed both pre- and post-class activities that fit into students’ learning needs. At the same time, I also included a series of assessments to evaluate their mastery of the class content timely. The purpose of this class is to help students understand the definition of cooperative learning, why should we learn cooperatively, how to incorporate cooperative learning into their class, the strengths and weaknesses of cooperative learning, and to explore and discuss different teaching techniques in the cooperative learning environment.



After taking this class, students will be able to:

  • Have a general understanding of cooperative learning

  • Use one sentence to summarize the definition of cooperative learning.

  • Figure out the steps of designing a cooperative activity

  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of cooperative learning

  • Participate in the cooperative group activities actively and give feedback on them

  • Make a reflection on their prior teaching/learning experiences and provide questions/suggestions they have for cooperative learning


Teaching Videos:


Required Readings

  • ​Five Key Elements (Johnson et al., 2006)

  • ​PIES (Kagan, 2003)

  • Five Key Steps

​Positive Interdependence

​Positive Interdependence

Pre-Instructional Planning

​Individual Accountability

Individual accountability

Introduce the Activity to


Face-to-Face (Promotive) Interaction

Equal participation

Monitor and Intervene

Interpersonal and Small Group Social Skills




​Group Processing



Teaching Slides:

Cooperative Learning
Download PDF • 2.60MB

Lesson Plan:

Cooperative learning lesson plan
Download PDF • 735KB

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to email me at:

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