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My name is Yiting Wu, you can call me Yiting

(Click the link to see the pronunciation).

My Story

Hi! I'm Yiting Wu, a 4th-year doctoral student from the University of San Francisco, also serving as an instructional design assistant. In this role, I conducted PDF document accessibility remediation using Adobe Acrobat Pro and UDOIT, administered the learning management system (LMS) on Canvas, and collaborated with SMEs to produce microlearning videos. I authored research articles on diverse EdTech subjects published on the USF Teach Home webpage, demonstrating my engagement with instructional design concepts. Additionally, I supported the Instructional Design team by developing training materials and facilitating workshops for faculty and students, fostering the integration of innovative strategies and technology into education. 


I was also a Chinese Mandarin instructor with global roots and a creative touch. Before coming to the Bay Area, I got my master's degree in TESOL from the University of Southern California. As an instructor, I have more than 7 years of teaching experience in both the US and China. My experiences have taught me the universal value of creativity, authenticity, and listening.

My passion for instructional design and technology originated from my teaching experience, I have two years of experience teaching and designing one-on-one Mandarin courses for young kids. Teaching with only one student is different from my previous work with a group of students. The flexibility of designing classes according to individuals’ differences increased a lot. I taught myself multimedia skill sets, such as video editing and graphic design. I hope to combine technology tools with existing materials to enhance my students’ learning experiences. I am passionate about using technology to make the learning process fun and creative, I also want to apply my skills in both education and technology to solve real-world problems for companies and organizations. I am now looking for a full-time or internship as an instructional designer or eLearning developer. Please feel free to reach out and take a look at my resume

More about me

I love exploring new places, learning new things, and meeting new people. I love playing with my cat, hiking, reading, and watching movies! Some of my newest passions include learning how to play the piano, learning Cantonese, and baking! 


Please listen to the podcast on the right side if you want to learn more about my experience and approach to designing learning solutions!

My StoryYiting Wu
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How Did I Create this Podcast? 

Audio Editing Tools Used: iZotope RX7; Hindenburg; Audacity. 

What I value when designing E-Learning projects

While designing, what I value most are curiosity, communication, empathy, and details. I tried to put humans at the center of my design and want to meet their learning needs and bridge gaps. I am a good listener and willing to focus on details. 

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